Xena contains on-line help pages that explain how to set up and use Xena. To access the on-line help, start Xena and select Help.

Xena APIs

Xena Application Programming Interface.

File format identification

How Xena performs file format identification (PDF, 420 KB).


Detailed documentation about Xena is available in the Xena SourceForge wiki. The wiki covers topics such as:

  • preparing for installation
  • building Xena from the source code
  • starting Xena
  • configuring Xena.

Reporting Bugs

No software is perfect. While we have put in our best efforts towards making sure that Xena is as good as we can make it, there are bound to be some imperfections.

You can help us find and solve them by reporting any bugs.

To view open bug reports or to register a bug, visit the SourceForge bug tracker.

Requesting New Features

If you have any ideas which could enhance the Xena software, please feel free to suggest them via the Sourceforge feature tracker.